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A light-weight, fully functional law firm management software.

EliteLaw is an all-in-one, lightweight, easy-to-use law firm management software that helps you to manage your business more efficiently and with less stress. EliteLaw offers client registration, billing and payment, time tracking, case management, document management, reporting, accounting, and Human Resource management.

Every day more and more Law firms, lawyers and legal professionals use or have used EliteLaw for the digital management of their cases. For them, EliteLaw has become an indispensable tool.

With EliteLaw, we’re transforming how law firms are run. Spend less time on administrative tasks and more time with your clients. With EliteLaw, you never have to think twice about where to find important case documents, file status, and contacts — everything is organized and easily accessible from any web browser or device.

  • Completely cloud-based
  • Operates in real-time
  • Customizable forms and reports
  • Offer daily backup
  • Multi-currency operations
  • Firm-wide Calendar
  • Role-based Access Privileges
  • Exportation of reports to PDF and Excel
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Unlimited number of branches
  • Secure access link (https://)
  • Internal Email engine

Why EliteLaw?

iconFile Access

All documents (files, letters, reports etc.) are structured and saved in a central location. They can be accessed at all times and from any location or device, from desktop to smartphone.

iconCost Savings

Cut costs without reducing efficiency. Track and analyze expenses with ease. Manage payment schedules and get notified when payments are made.

iconTime Savings

You spend less time looking for physical files but instead read content straight from the software with the click of a button. Spend more time taking care of your clients.

iconFile Status Access

At any moment in time you will have a complete insight in the progress of your case. You will see what happened, what has to be done and you can instantly answer all related questions.

iconIncreased Efficiency

Create, approve, and send invoices in minutes, not days. Get instant insight into your firm’s performance and finances so you can make better business decisions.

iconReal-Time Automatic Updates

Because all modules work seamlessly together you will find details like, names and contact information, in the blink of an eye.

iconEasy and fast deployment

Up and running in 7 days, no installations required. With our browser-based software approach, you don’t need to worry about installations or updates. You get customizable items including fee notes, receipts and court attendance sheets. You receive detailed in-house training to help you get the most out of EliteLaw.

iconQuick Reporting

You can easily find your files based on keywords. You can select files (no matter what department they're in) or report per department. All management information is "up-to-date" and within reach.

iconA Complete Management Solution

EliteLaw is an all-in-one solution for your law firm, providing the tools you need to improve organization, increase efficiency, and scale your firm operations. Whether it’s document management, reporting, billing and invoicing, or collecting payment, EliteLaw has it covered.